Won't let me use the Internet?

  • I'm pretty new to this, but I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong. I added my apps that I wanted to use to the white list and restarted the app several times but still now luck. Does any one know what I've done wrong?

  • Keeps telling me the DNS address cannot be found for every single website

  • @mrsafetycache
    Hi, sorry I missed your postings. I've been a regular here for quite some time. Have you tried the app again since your posts? I think there was a hiccup awhile back, but can't be sure exactly when. I use the app for dedicated things, in other words, sparingly. I've made it a point to find & use apps without advertising, usually by purchasing, or upgrading to pro version. So, I only have a few apps that have ads. I used to use TuneIn, and block-this did a super job. Also worked great on any and all banner ads in trial apps that came with ads. If you still want to use the app, and experience any more issues, do respond here, but callow time for me to be notified, and get back. Patience that is.

  • Hi,

    I've been using Block This for about three months without issue, but I am also now having issues connecting to any websites while blocking is enabled. This just started happening yesterday and I'm not sure I'm knowledgeable enough about how this app works to know why.

    Could it just be my university's wifi network causing issues? As soon as I turn off Block This it starts working fine.

    Before this total blockout started happening, I started having issues loading many images on Reddit (particularly posts from gfycat). Not sure how to fix this.

  • Admin

    @JPolito Certain networks (like your university) network might use different networking settings (e.g. Custom DNS, Firewalls etc) which could theoretically cause block-this to break your internet. For such customized networks (like the one your university is probably using) you would have to turn it off.

    A possible workaround is --> If your university wifi has a login (after you enable it) then disable block-this until you authorize to your university wifi and then re-enable it. But its just a guess, it might not help at all.

  • Admin

    @mrsafetycache It can happen that block this doesn't work for your OS. Samsung customizations of Android bring a lot of unexpected bugs and behaviors and for some old versions of Android on Samsung phones, block-this completely breaks your internet. In this case I would advise you to uninstall it until you get an upgraded Android version. Sorry.

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