doesn't block youtube ads

  • I have the latest version of android.
    What can I do to block youtube ads?

  • I disabled the YouTube app on my phone so all YouTube links open in my browser, Free Adblock Browser. The browser itself blocks all ads.

  • Yes.
    it used to block YouTube ads. Now video commercials are back on.
    Will it be fixed?

  • Hi all,

    Most adblocker apps can't block ads in YouTube, for reasons explained elsewhere. But, my solution on Android is the apk. "New Pipe" available from F-Droid. You'll need the F-Droid app Store first, but it's worth it if you like free, open-source software. New Pipe don't use Google Play Services or any Google API's. So, no ads, and it has background play, plus a pop-up window too. Like picture in picture. You can enque music videos to play one after another as well. I think many here would appreciate this great alternative.

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