Problem since Nougat update

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  • Sorry--here is the problem: After installing Nougat web access became slow and buggy. Some sites wouldn't load at all.Many links didn't work. Rep at Verizon store traced problem to BT. Deleting BT solved the problem. Tested this 3 times. Any suggestions?

  • Hi,

    I updated to nougat on HTC m9, Sprint a few weeks back, and I've not experienced anything like what you mentioned. I would reinstall BT and try again. Do you have any web filtering by an anti-virus app? What browsers did you experience this issue? I have 4 different browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Adblock Plus, and Brave. Non have had problems with browsing while on BT. One thing I did have to do after updating was to reset all app permissions, or actually I reset all app preferences and RE-enabled the permissions for each app. But largely I was having a battery drain problem, since fixed. I also re did my backups from "back up & reset" and automatic restore, just to make sure everything was fresh. Basically, I turn off then back on, which cleared the old out, and stored all new backup data.

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