2 cool features from AdGuard

  • Hi there,

    I discovered you App yesterday and i love the way it works.
    I was before using AdGuard but my trial period finished and i'm not ready to pay something like 10EUR per year to block adds.

    Among the cool stuff from AdGuard i'm mainly missing 2 things :

    • ON/OFF Tile Toogle in quicktile (in order to quickly turn adblocking ON/OFF if needed)
    • Auto turn VPN ON/OFF according to phone state (connected over WIFI or DATA or not)

    Thank you for your great work.

  • @guiguilein

    ICYMI the developer works a full time job, and I don't believe has any or very little help, so adding new features may take some time, unless you know of someone who can help out? Otherwise patience is the rule here. I have on occasion brought this app to the attention of others who might be able to help, but, so far, I've not heard anything back from them.

  • Admin

    @guiguilein Thanks for the ideas. Some users have already brought them up and I will try to work on them as soon as I can. I am at the moment reworking the website and I'm planning to have the app interface and website translated as with surprise I found out that the majority of our users are Spanish and Portuguese speaking (English is 3rd). Once this is done I will work on adding more cool features. ;)

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