When will app with Whitelist feature be published on official website?

  • The last source code contains whitelist fragments that was commit 3 months ago. When will .apk be updated on the main website https://block-this.com/?

    Or where the whitelists are in the current version?

  • Admin

    @blecaz the whitelist has been in the app for 3 months. The current version available at https://block-this.com has it. Here is a direct link to the APK: https://block-this.com/block-this-latest.apk

    Just tap the burger menu and go to "whitelist".

  • @ggsava I installed the last version, but only Settings is available in the top right menu (dots) and only Home, Help, Games, Support me, Share are in the top left menu (three horizontal lines), no Whitelist.

  • There is not any function for whitelist in setting?

  • Yes, there is a whitelist in the left hand hamburger menu, or slide out from left. The direct link to latest update is in comment above if you have not updated.
    ! [ ] (https://goo.gl/photos/J6tJD9b6vMYeLnEq6)

  • This .apk is downloaded again and installed, but it does not have the Whitelist feature:


    The previous installed app was removed preliminarily.
    Version 3.0 is specified for the installed app in the Settings > Apps.

  • I don't know.... it's bizarre! I checked to verify that I installed version 3.0 and it is. It has to be some device difference on why it's not showing in your menu. I'm HTC m9, and it was no change even after my update to nougat. What is your device and os level? )-:

  • @oneeye Alcatel 7047D with Android 4.2.2 by vendor.

  • Well you and I will have to wait on the developer and any help he has to figure this out. It could take some time, so be patient. I have no guess myself. But, when I have time, i'll research it some.

  • Hi blecaz,

    I'm curious, since you are on a rare version of jellybean still, is it the one where you can access individual app permissions? There was only a brief period where that was available to users. And who is your service through, I get the feeling you are not in the USA? I still think it is a device issue why the option to white list is not displayed in your menu. Most apps work from 4.x.x on up, but the oem or carrier could have done something to the operating system, or failed to add something.

    Do you have any friends you could get to download the apk.? And see if the whitelist shows for them? Preferably someone with same carrier service.

  • Admin

    Hey! @blecaz I'm sorry but the "whitelist" feature works only on Android 5.0+. The API used was made available by Android since API version 21, which is Lollipop. Sorry.

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