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  • I'm glad this app exists. I found out about it from the community on the QuizUp app. QuizUp is a trivia game with a social scene: Multiple topics in a wide set of interests with people all over the world participating. It was released in late 2013. It's available in iOS, Android, a limited feature set Windows version & can be played/accessed on a PC via web browser. Up until early this year, it was completely free, it had no fees and not a single ad. But that all began to change 2-3 months ago when ads were introduced. This made the game a miserable experience. The developers, Plain Vanilla keep experimenting and tinkering with how the ads are presented with results that at times create a buggy performance. The app sells an IAP "ad-removal" for $4.99 USD for 30 days subscription, an outrageously extortionate price, IMO and the opinion of a lot of my fellow players. So we all have been searching for a lower cost or no-cost alternative to the apps "solution".

    I'm joining the forum even though I can't use your app on my phone as of now. It's a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Lollipop 5.0.1. It's on the Verizon network in the USA. Unfortunately, it looks like it'll be a long time or maybe never before Samsung/Verizon gets to upgrading my phone to a higher version like 5.1.x. or even Marshmallow. So I can't get Block This! to work on my device.

    I have installed and used it on my Android emulator and it works great for the QuizUp App. That version of Android is 4.2.2 and runs on AndY.

    So I want to see what I can do to get Block This! operational without having to root it to make it compatible with your app, or install a custom ROM. I just don't want to take the risk of bricking my phone. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks.

  • @ggsava Greetings all,

    I found this place after researching IP address lists for blocking. I know lists existed for blocking countries, but I thought to use a global list in "no-root firewall" app which I have been using for some time now. Also I have "Lostnet no-root firewall" app both available from playstore. Both use the native VPN functions as does "Block This " app. So I felt confident that it would work just as well as the other two. But, let me tell ya, it works better already, especially on the TuneIn app, for which they have continually added more ads in a variety of ways. I had limited success with "No-Root Firewall" but requires more work on my part. "Lostnet" was the easiest, and nearly matches "Block This". Great job developer!

    Now, I do use Firefox for Android with blockers. I have tried them all, but finally settled on "ublock origin" along with "Self Destructing Cookies" and "Https Everywhere" but now I will experiment with other apps, like Chrome, and others with banner ads, which I had all but eliminated. My first experience with blockers was "Disconnect Me" just after it had been removed from playstore.(which makes me wonder how "Lostnet got by, perhaps just calling itself a firewall app only) You should have a look at it. But, anyways, my next experiment was with "Adgaurd" both the Android global blocker, and then only the extension or add-on for Firefox Android, which worked really well for an early version. The global blocker was new then too, and I had found them right after they too had been booted from playstore. The later versions are vastly better by the way. But both Adgaurd and Disconnect are subscription only now, like typical VPN services, as that's how they do their filtering, thru their own servers. (Note: Adgaurd add-on for Firefox was free last year)

    So, thanks, and I will report back soon on my experiences.😁

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    @oneeye Thanks a lot! Hope you like it and welcome to the forum!

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    @TheGreatArtiste I'm sorry that it doesn't work for you. It is a known problem for with Verizons 4.2.2. I've known about it for a year and still cannot find a solution or a workaround. Sorry.

  • @ggsava
    Are you familiar with "Verizon's Super Cookies"? That could be interfering maybe. I'm not a developer, but very well read on infosec issue's. If you need more information, let me know. Or just google it.

  • I recently got married and combined phone plans with my wife. I went from a rooted LG G2 on Cricket to a stock Samsung Galaxy S7 on Verizon. I had Adaway on the old phone and it worked great, saving me around 1 GB per month.

    I was looking for a similar app that didn't require root. I first tried Ad Guard and was dissatisfied with its battery usage and payment model. The XDA forums suggested I try Block This and I'm glad I did. Block This uses less battery and is completely free. I like it enough I used PayPal to donate $5.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Using old computer or phone with all these Ad Block extensions, Hosts files, Adaway, etc, can really slow things down. Blocking ads right at the DNS, what a great idea. What he's doing for the people is a great thing, I hope it is safe and secure. Thank you.

  • @ocdamp

    I think you or anyone else would benefit from reading the thread at:

    It's only seven short pages, but very informative, and reassuring. Anyone with doubts, there is tons of information available in a Google Search, about the apk., and the developer, who is open and available. (-:

  • Yes I know. I have been using his DNS Server and it has never been down. It is always up and blocking ads. Not 1 single Advertisement on the Most Notorious ad pushing Ads, such as Ookla SpeedTest, Weather Apps, Textra, etc. I am going to help this Developer if I can get a hold of him. If I can help him with anything in the community, then I will.

  • @ocdamp

    Good grief, not Ookla speed test!? Here is a great app by a German outfit that is free, and, ad free and has other features too. Developer responds to inquiry promptly, and has an update cycle about every 6-8 weeks.
    So check it out.

    The worst ad laden app I have, and use because really, it's the best radio app, is TuneIn. But it has at least 6-7 ad SDKs in it. Block This works like a charm, on it, plus does a great job overall.

  • I don't use TuneIn. I got rid of that a year and a half ago. But then again, I don't listen to music and watch things on my phone. It's a phone. For Communication. I leave the rest to my dedicated equipment for Music or to watch.
    I tested his DNS server on Firefox (Windows 7) with no Adblock extensions and it is blocking close to 95% of advertising from the get go. On an older computer, it saves close to 30% RAM because there is no need for extensions anymore.

    I don't know what incentive there is in it for him, only he can explain it, but what he is doing seems to be a great thing that many people are taking for granted. I hope he can explain how he plans to make money or what he gets out of it. Either way, I can volunteer my support towards development and testing if he contacts me.

  • @ocdamp
    Have you read the home page & his personal page? He has a gmail address at the bottom. He basically wanted an app he could use personally without paying subscription to others. Here are links you may have, but I've read much about him and his purposes. Seems on the up & up to me.

    and a readit thread from launch last year.

    There are many ways to monetize as features are added. I looked at Netgaurd app again tonight and his basic app is vastly improved over his initial offering, plus now there are several paid for features that are inviting. The developer has done a great job, and could be setting a standard for others to model. And it's in playstore as a firewall app, no-root. I told Sava that is the avenue to pursue. One of the paid features allows the blocking of individual IP addresses, and another is the log of all connections. Overall, there is a ton of individual settings to be had on a per app the global blocking of malware and ad networks. Block This has the potential to build a really great product. So, I would suggest you contact him to offer your assistance. That's what he is looking for by posting to GitHub, XDA, etc.

  • Absolutely agree. Netguard is the best firewall there is for non rooted devices. It is a very well thought out and implemented application and its developer is a brilliant mind. While BlockThis DNS is a brilliant DNS that blocks ads at the source. This is a smash in the face of Google and if they don't like it, tough rocks, I don't know of a single person who enjoys seeing inappropriate disgusting advertising on limited screen space we see on our phones. These ad pushers need to find a better way to make money because no one is going to buy Vitamins, Steroids, Pills, and Insurance from a Weather App. It sickens us, and that is why we are here and that is why I offer my support to Devs who are combating this erosion of our rights to privacy.

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    @ocdamp & @oneeye Sorry guys I've been pretty busy with real life stuff lately and haven't had much time to look at the forums.

    Glad you guys like the app and continue to support it. And no, for now there are no plans for monetizing or earning money with it, as I don't have much time to develop features atm. I hope I can soon get back to developing and expanding the app.

    There is a dev however on github who is already helping me and redesigning the front-end (material design etc). Hopefully more will join and we can get this product to the next level. And yes, you are right it is not only Android - the thing can be used on windows as well but I'd just need to build a small .exe or a registry modifier to make it easy for people to use.

  • @ggsava KirkBailey, Epublished on Kindle bookstore with some STRANGE SciFi. Love this, got Block-this on my kindle fire and telephone. Now to encourage you to do it for WinDoz and for ChromeBook.

  • @ggsava : Or a small tutorial on how to set up DNS. I am using this DNS with NetGuard. Only concern we have is for security because I don't know how you are offering this for free. There are other DNS as well that do this, but this one is still Fast even though its in France, and we prefer yours because of your more hands on approach. We are very greatful to you for supporting a service that protects us from various Chinese malwares that are out there.

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    @ocdamp The app makes just enough from donations to cover the cost of the DNS and to buy me a pizza once a week. I never planned to make money with it. The downside is that I can't guarantee the service will always be 100% perfect (like if for some reason my servers are down and i'm sleeping I don't think I will be able to recover them until I wake up), but I have done everything possible to make such outages unlikely.

    Basically I provide as good service as I possibly can for free, but I cannot guarantee you 100% uptime and 100% virus protection etc. For now there are no plans on making a company or turning this product into something commercial. Actually I prefer not to do it.

    As for your security, I don't store any data about users except for anonymous (not user related) crash reports (when the app has a bug and is crashing I get a notification) and this data is only used for debugging purposes and bug fixing.

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    @KirkBailey Thanks man, one day it will come for windows too. Chromebook I'm not sure - no plans for now.

  • @ggsava : Thank you. Is there a way I can send you a PM regarding a donation related question?

  • @ocdamp

    This link to Sava's personal page, has two ways to message him. One is on the page, and the other is at the bottom with his email address.

    Just thought I'd help out, knowing Sava is a busy guy, I read in another of his responses.

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