How to BLOCK all of Snapchat's Ads! *Root Required*

  • Many people don't like ads. I sure don't. But developers sometimes need money to revenue.

    Sometimes developers will get greedy and put too many ads. Luckily, you have a right as an Internet citizen to block ads.

    Snapchat's ads are beginning to get intrusive which is why I decided that I had enough and have successfully found a way to BLOCK the ads.

    You can ACTUALLY block ALL of Snapchat’s ads by blocking the ad servers. This can only be done with a rooted ANDROID!

    Yes, sadly you need ROOT access to modify a file called “hosts” inside the system.

    One of Snapchat’s ad servers is “”, if we were to add that domain in the host file, that domain will be blocked.

    Go to /system/etc directory using a ROOT BROWSER and scroll down until you see “hosts” file. Open the file with a text editor.

    You should only see a line of text that says:
    “ localhost”

    To block a domain, (, add the ip (ip will always be, and then put the domain with a space in between the ip and the domain.

    It should THEN look like this: localhost

    Once you’ve​ done that, clear the cache on Snapchat, and reboot your phone!

    There ya go. The ads can’t reach you because you refused to let the IP advertising domain connect.

    Enjoy adfree Snapchat!

    If you still see ads, that probably means Snapchat has more ad domains that you need to block.

    And of course this is perfectly legal to block ads as your right of an Internet citizen!

    I already posted this as a comment on but I want the public to really see this so I'm posting it here as well.

  • Admin

    Or.. I can just add this to Block This blacklist and it will be blocked out of the box without having to add anything to your hosts file :)

    I will add it to my todo list and will do asap.

  • @ggsava using a VPN can slow down a phone's network. It's better to just add the host name instead of having to always connect to a VPN. That's just my perspective.

    And hopefully Snapchat won't bypass this. That's what I'm worried about.

  • Admin

    @android4life You are not really connecting to a VPN using Block This. It is just a clever workaround for the permissions in Android as hosts files and DNS entries only work on ROOTED phones. None of your traffic is passed through a VPN, so it is as fast as it possibly can be.