VPN going off after a while?

  • When I enable Ad blocking I can see that little key icon in the upper left corner meaning that VPN is working (I assume) and the app works just fine, no ads! but after a while that key icon disappears and the ads start to show up again. When I open Block this! it says Ad blocking enabled but it is not :( Maybe some app or system itself is turning it off? I'm using Galaxy A3 2016 Android version 6.0.1 rootless

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  • @Lakyn You should check whether the app is optimized for power saving.

    Open main settings app, then battery or power, find optimization, tap that, and tap that again if there is not listed all apps, now after selecting all, find block this, and VPN dialogues and make then " NOT Optimized" and while you're at it, find other apps you may want or need to be overlooked for battery saver.
    Hope this helps.

  • @oneeye
    Thank you for your reply, I tried what you sugessted and the problem remained but after some testing I found out that Doze was stopping VPN even if Bloc This! was whitelisted. I uninstalled Doze and Block This! seems to work properly now ;) Thank you for you help!

  • @Lakyn

    Hi, glad you found the right settings. Doze is regulated by Optimization settings.
    So they are basically the same. Different devices like mine HTC, and Samsung do settings UI slightly different. Here is a good article on Doze and Battery Optimization. Also, be aware that Nougat Android 7.0 will be more aggressive with Doze, and may require you to redo settings after any updates.

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