strange behaviour

  • hello. something funny happened to my pocket computer just after i'd installed your program. i installed it, ran it, opened a web site that i wasn't able to look at on previous attemps because of too many pop up browser tabs and windows and it gave me almost none of the usual trouble, then i began to stream a video file on the web site, set it to play full screen, and something immediately took control of my pocket computer. it's an LG product with android software. it kept showing and hiding the menu that's accessed by sliding a finger down from the top of the screen, froze it in place with an unusual appearance, and wouldn't let me touch any of the emergency exit buttons at the bottom except once in something like 30 taps. after switching off and restarting the device i ran block this again to start streaming the video file again so i could see if it would happen again under the same conditions and it didn't, i managed to see 3 episodes of the simpsons without a problem. have you heard a story like this before or have you experienced anything like this and successfully identified and eliminated the cause of it? does it sound like something that might happen after installing block this? have i installed something harmful along with block this? i've had a look with malwarebytes antimalware and that found nothing. can you access my pocket computer's touch screen from a terminal connected to the server that the internet thinks i'm accessing it from, if i've understood correctly how this works? could somebody gain access to my pocket computer that way? could it have been something to do with the video streaming site? thank you for helping.

  • hello? i need an answer or i can't trust your program

  • That's a pretty outrageous statement. You admittedly visit a site known to be a danger, yet blame the blocking software. And if what you are trying to do is watch pirated shows, or doing something illegal, then you are in the wrong place.

  • well the site's never taken control of my computer before, only made me play whack an ad, and i haven't made any statements except to describe what happened, otherwise i was only enquiring, do you know what i'm talking about or not? what's a possible cause of these symptoms? never mind the moralizing, i own many of the simpsons dvds bought first hand, just tell me what happened.. i'm certain it was the block this program that caused it because i've deleted it and it hasn't happened since but i don't know enough about these new pocket computers to work out how it did it and how much danger i'm in

  • @colinjeavons you have a virus on your phone. Definitely not related to this app. You need to factory reset your device and start over. Also quit going to shady websites. The reason you noticed it this time is because normally that action of "taking over your device" was hidden behind all the pop ups.

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