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    WiFi Web Login

    with block-this enabled the previous app it's not working.

    My suggestion it's also to develop an app with local host file with host file updated like but without all the firewalling stuff.

    what do you think?

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    Hello @spupuz! I've been pretty busy lately with issues and the forum, but I will take a look at it as soon as I can.

    An app with hosts file is out of the scope for now as this only benefits rooted android users and the idea of this app is to be suitable for everyone. Wouldn't it be better to improve this one and make it always work rather than doing copies for different user cases?

  • if you look at the github version it does a local vpn like yours but it uses local host file to filter domain.
    It works without root.

  • Admin

    What benefit does a local hosts file bring then?

  • it has a faster resolution than a remote dns, you don't have to host infrastructure for dns and ppl is happy because you don't have neither dns traffic under your control

  • Admin

    Actually.. that is not entirely true. The reason I did it with DNS is exactly speed. Hosts files were never made to contain hundreds of thousands of entries. Reading from such a big file on every request is a very heavy task for your phone which also consumes insane amount of battery.

    Also, a DNS is used by your device anyway, even if you have a hosts file, to resolve the rest of the requests (which are missing from the hosts file - e.g. non ads) so I wouldn't say that changing the DNS slows down anything at all. The only time running the DNS would slow your connection would be if you connect from Asia and the DNS server is in Europe or the US (but I'm working to improve this logic).

    Also a DNS allows me to update the filters immediately. If I get a report for a new virus spreading website - I want to be able to distribute this immediately to all users without having to wait for them to confirm the change. Yes, it is a bit harsh but it is the only way to fight malware as it takes up to 1 month for users to adopt a new application version!

    As for the trust factor, I hope that as I start open sourcing the app which I plan on doing, people will have more faith in leaving the DNS under my control.

  • ok good point, after looking in my problem do you think it is possible to implement somethng like interface adguard does?

    Also adclear is doing something similar.

    This is just for improving the application

  • Admin

    Everything is possible. At this point the problem I have is that there are hundreds of people asking for stuff, so if it would be nice if you could make a topic for each feature you would like to see and then I can try to prioritize and order stuff. Right now I'm just trying to get people to come to the forum, share opinions and hopefully some devs also show up who wish to help me working on open sourcing the project and contributing with their skills.

    I can't promise any timelines, but I am committed to getting the app to the next level.

  • I have a fairly simple request. Can we remove the persistent notification? Or at least add an on/off toggle to it so it is easy to turn on and off.

    If the notification can't be changed, maybe add an on/off widget. It'd be nice to just switch it on and off easily.

  • Admin

    @shrekopher Unfortunately the notification is forced by Android and does not come by the application. For now Android wont allow us to remove this and they even call it a "security feature"...

  • hello. I use "blok this" app and I have a problem: "block this" works good but sometimes it blocks facebook's connection. I don't know why this happens, but I'm sure the stop of the connection of facebook depends on "block this". Infact, everytime, I have to stop "block this", to restart facebook and to restart "block this"; than facebook works normally. How can I solve? thank you very much

  • @spupuz ---- Netguard is a Firewall, not an Ad. Blocker. While it is a great application with a very hard working and nice developer, the primary purpose of it is to block apps. Non rooted phone will always use Google's default DNS servers which are designed to push ads. Advertising is Google's primary business, not Android or Phone. They use Android and your Phone to push annoying advertising to billions of people and that is how they make money. The purpose of BlockThis! is to use VPN with its own DNS to block ads before they even get into your phone. The ad blocking this app and its DNS provide would be a hosts file far too big for your phone to process locally. While a good host file is certainly effective , it won't be nearly as powerful as the backend DNS associated with BlockThis! It even works in Windows. The author has said he did this to help himself and decided to help everyone else as well. As long as our identity, data, and such aren't being misused, the creator of this DNS is an Angel in disguise. No other DNS stops ads like this one. Its faster than a hosts file. If anyone wants to know the DNS is located in France.

  • @ggsava Thank you. What does it cost to run your DNS? Do you take donations?

  • @ggsava

    Avast has found a way to persist in notifications, without the icon actually being in the top bar. It stays in the pull down shade though. I'll see if I can find out how they managed it, but, Marshmallow 6.0 may have something to do with it.

  • The icon can be hidden but the Notification space can still be taken. I believe they can adjust that notification space area in the GUI which I am not sure what the Rules are on how big that space can actually be. So this might be a way that Avast has been able to do this. Either way, a persistent notification is better than having an Ad. Infestation, and it is certainly good to know that the App is working and not being killed off as a background process. I for one do not mind if the App shows a notification.

  • @ocdamp

    I agree, icon is not a problem, but for some people (nit pickers) I just don't get it. Maybe they have so many other things on the bar, that new ones drop off until the shade is pulled down. Stop the world, I want off ;-)

  • Admin

    @ocdamp It doesn't cost much to run the DNS. The donations are less than $50 a month including the Patreon campaign but this is just enough to pay for the bill. If somehow I start getting more users/more donations I will use the money for getting multiple servers and providing faster connection to people in the US and Asia. I don't aim at earning anything with this app, its just out there for people to use. As for your privacy you can look at the privacy policy on the website. In short - your information is not recorded therefore, safe.

    @oneeye thanks. I don't think its such a big problem though and people should learn to live with it. For most people its probably better that way as they can disconnect from the notification bar.

  • @ggsava : Just finished reading your other post and here you responded. I hope everything is going good with you enjoying your Summer. In Canada, your DNS seems fast enough. Even if it were slow, it is better than having constant advertising and malware. Is TuneIn advertising under control yet?

  • @ocdamp

    Hi again,
    I have not seen, nor heard any ads from the TuneIn app. Block this works perfectly for me. I don't have many apps that have ads anymore. But, TuneIn I use almost daily. Have not found anything better for my needs in that department.

  • Admin

    @ocdamp try cleaning cache for Tuneln, maybe they have pre-downloaded ads on your phone?

  • @ggsava : Ok all good. Yeah the Cache is the first thing I get rid of as some apps will quickly download a cache of ads to display incase a connection failed so let's say that its a Weather app, even if it cannot make a connection to get Weather data, it will still display ads. So yes that is great advice!

    ---Also another Question : Do you believe that your DNS server (To some extent) prevents potential malware such as Stagefright infected Media files from spreading?

    Because I have a hunch that it just might also be doing that if your DNS domains are updated regularly. I know that here in Canada, our Carriers scan MMS messages according to Roger's and also Bell, (not officially) so devices that never received a patch will not get infected from the MMS / mobile data vector. But that still leaves old Samsung/etc devices Vulnerable via Wifi from malicious websites that might carry code that can exploit Android stagefright libraries. DNS blocking Stagefright infected Media will be good for People still using Android devices on KitKat and early versions of Lollipop due to Carriers and Manufacturers simply not releasing Updates. I have changed my Older phone's Wifi DNS to yours, even though I don't use Wifi much. Sites are loading just a bit slower but that's better than my ISP DNS which is an open door to malware.

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