Does not work in some apps

  • Ads shows in some apps when block this is enabled. It does not work in Mx Player and ADM(Advanced Download Manager). But it works with browsers.

  • @MrCisco

    If the ads are part of the streaming media, then just ignore them. Block this can't separate ads out of the stream.

  • The ads aren't part of the streaming media.
    Just installed version 3. I like the new UI and whitelisting option! However the ads in MX Player is still showing.

  • I found out the ads come from facebook via adaway from my another phone which is rooted. I don't want to root my new phone because I bricked it before.

  • On MX Player I mean.

  • You have to remember: nothing has been or will ever be 100% accurate. Personally, I think the developer(s) have done an amazing job making this. It also blocks about 70% of the video ads in the official YouTube app.

  • I just downloaded version 3.0 and it only blocks ads in a handful of apps. I downloaded it mostly to block ads in games because one game I play (Block Puzzle Jewel) started showing ads even when I blocked its internet access with Netguard or turned my phone on airplane mode. Block This blocks even fewer ads than Netguard. Ads show in all of my games except one. I'm going to uninstall it because it's basically useless for me.

  • @s490512

    If you are still seeing ads with airplane mode enabled, then those ads were cached on your phone before you ever started Block-This. What you need to do, is clear the cache for any game, or app, or streaming apps just after enabling Block-This. And if they stored ads in data, well that might need clearing, but that's only a last resort, because it's like a fresh install after clearing data, meaning you loose everything, as the warning would show before hitting the button to proceed.

    Once you turn off internet access, on device, where do you think those ads came from? Your lack of knowledge, and experience are showing, and I would further ask, where did you download the game apps from in the first place. That could be can even worse problem if it's a pirated app, or clone found on some shady app store.

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