Does not work in some apps

  • Ads shows in some apps when block this is enabled. It does not work in Mx Player and ADM(Advanced Download Manager). But it works with browsers.

  • @MrCisco

    If the ads are part of the streaming media, then just ignore them. Block this can't separate ads out of the stream.

  • The ads aren't part of the streaming media.
    Just installed version 3. I like the new UI and whitelisting option! However the ads in MX Player is still showing.

  • I found out the ads come from facebook via adaway from my another phone which is rooted. I don't want to root my new phone because I bricked it before.

  • On MX Player I mean.

  • You have to remember: nothing has been or will ever be 100% accurate. Personally, I think the developer(s) have done an amazing job making this. It also blocks about 70% of the video ads in the official YouTube app.

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