Banner Ads Not Blocked in AP News App

  • I tried one of these before and it let all sorts of ads through and wouldn't allow games to play that needed to be connected to the internet. I rooted my phone and installed AdAway and AdAway for You Tube and it blocks 100% of the ads.

    I want to buy a new phone and not root it so I disabled AdAway on my current phone and installed this to try it out. The very first app I tried, AP News now shows banner ads. I uninstalled this and enabled AdAway and the banner ads are gone.

    This is just another half assed gesture ad block program that the developer is too lazy to update. Grade = F. Uninstalled.

    Don't buy a phone unless you can root it.

  • Block This treats the AP Mobile News App as a ad. I am not able to reach the AP server with Block This enabled. Turn Block This off and the AP News App works, but shows the banner ads of course.

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