Choose which Apps should apply adblocking

  • Hi,

    first off all, thanks for the great work! I've been using Block This since a few days and I like it so far.
    My suggestion is the following:
    Some apps (like most of the Google apps) don't have ads, so there is no real need to apply adblocking to them.
    I'd like to see a list of apps that are excluded from Block This.
    This should improve battery life and probably has some other advantages ...

    Thanks for considering!

  • @ChickenNuggett

    Hi, I have been using the app for several months now, but have experience with others that perform the same function.
    The app, Block This works globally, and not on any specific other apps. It filters out the ads, trackers, and other undesirable IP addresses from even loading on your device. So, on just about every app that tries to connect to advertisers, these links get blocked from reaching your device. That's why you will see blank spaces where banner ads appear, or in the middle of an article for instance. BT is like an adblocker extension for browsers, only it covers the whole device, which saves resources, meaning better Battery life, less data used. Did you read and understand the whole app description on the home page? If not, you really should. Also, there are postings at xda developers website. Do a Google Search and you'll find lots of material to help your understanding. I don't think developing an option to whitelist certain apps is in the making for the near future, but I don't know if the developer has any real help at the moment. He's pretty busy with full time job. Once you read up about the app and developer, you'll have a better understanding.

    Glad you are enjoying the app, I'm pretty happy too!

  • Well, I think it is a good idea to keep a list with apps that should be blocked. I downloaded the source code and made some changes to it to implement such a list. I will test with it a little more and if all works fine I will share my changes with the developer so he can choose whether he wants to implement it.

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