IMDB Blocked

  • Hope this is correct area to post? I'm assuming it's the areas for problems with particular websites while using Block This!

    I find it blocks content from IMDB. Just shows empty pages when Block This! VPN is active, works as expected otherwise.

    Great app, IMDB is the only site I had problem with after a good deal of use. Keep up the good work. Good luck!

  • Hi,
    I would like to test the website you are having trouble with, but I need a URL. Copy and paste one in reply, and I'll test it. I have been using Block This for some time, and have not had any issues yet, so I'm curious. Also, it would be helpful if you could provide more information on what browser, any add-ons/extensions, and device with operating system.

  • It's an Android application (running on Android Lollipop here):

    from here

    The app (International Movie Database) accesses information on movies over the web. With Block This enabled the information panels are blank. With Block This temporarily disabled the information shows correctly.

  • Hi,

    Judging by a few reviews I read in playstore, they serve up quite a fw ads. Could be that, and or other issues affecting the stream. But, I saw lots of other issues in the reviews as well. It's possible that it is a streaming issue from the source, like using an "anti-Adblock" in their software. Thanks for responding, but, I'm not going to install this app, because of permissions. The ad SDKs included gain the same access as any app. So, I am real picky about what I install. Sorry I can't help, but perhaps gsava, the owner here, will respond when he has time. Generally, he is very busy.

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