• Hi, quick question, I've been using an app called
    Block it!
    For the last couple of years, on my old phones it works just fine (4.4.3), but fails on android 5.+ as in, the VPN flickers on and off while in the app
    It seems to use the exact same method, VPN, as your app and as it has a similar name, I was wondering if it was your earlier work, I can no longer find it on googles search engine.
    What I liked about it was it created a list of every DNS/IP that was accessed from your phone, and you could review which sites where being visited without your knowledge, it than allowed you to create your own blacklist that the VPN would honor, it also had the option to load a predefined block list.
    I noticed your app has a very simple one button start stop and was wondering if you could attach a glass front so to speak, so we can see what the web is trying to do behind closed doors. I still have the original apk if that helps. Kind regards

  • Admin

    Hi! I know the Block it! app, but this a completely different app. (I am also not the developer of Block it!).

    This is a good suggestion, which I already had in mind.. its just a lot of work to implement so I haven't been looking into it actively yet.. but definitely it is something on my radar and will be implemented!

  • @ggsava thanks for the fast reply, I know its takes a lot of work to be a Dev so when you have time, I'll be looking forward to the end result :) kudos bro

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