Block This code - Open sourced!

  • Admin

    I just wanted to announce that Block This is officially an Open Source app now. The code repository can be found here:

    Hopefully this will help us build a bigger community around the app. Thanks for your continuous support.

    Kind Regards,
    Sava G.

  • Hi,

    You may want to list the apk. On F-Droid since the blockers they do/did have,either need root,are no longer maintained, or don't have the advanced functionality of yours. Here is the link to learn more.

  • Admin

    Yeah I know, but this takes some time. I have to see how the signatures of the app will work as F-Droid will use their own signature, which means it will conflict with people who already have the app installed. Anyway I'm thinking about it but will have to find the best way to go about that.

  • Ok, I figured you knew about it. I understand the signature deal,because I've uninstalled some apps from playstore to re-install from f-droid to get an update sooner. I finally clicked the xda link that was started back in March, good to see you have some defenders there. There's a fair amount of paranoids at xda, including my mild version. Never hurts to be cautious these days though. Thanks for taking time to respond.

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