Google Play Store issue

  • As of the most recent Play Store Update you can no longer use Block-This and access the play store. It looks like google is trying to prevent users from using ad-blockers. Basically in order to get into the app store you have to disable block this each time. I also noticed this week Gawker media company sites will not load when block this is active.

    Just trying to provide an update on what I have seen. Love the app. I'm not sure what changes both of the above made to break this, just filling you in on whats broken now.

  • Seconded, having issues downloading/updating apps.

  • I think that I will have to hold off on installing the application until sorted out by the developer

  • You can disable before installing something and enable it immediately after. It's a pain but there's a workaround.

  • Seems like on the newest playstore 6.7.12 the issue is gone. Just an FYI

  • I still have the same issue on Playstore 6.7.12

  • Any resolution for this? Now, even the apkmirror downloads are blocked.

  • Admin

    Weird. Actually both Play Store and APK mirror work just fine for me and they are definitely not in the blacklist. Are you sure that its "Block this" causing it?

  • Yes, as soon as I stop block this, the apps work fine.

  • Yes same here on Android 6.0.1 on a galaxy s6. Play store and often Google+ won't update with block this enabled. Both say I'm offline and an internet connection is required. As soon as I disable block this 2.1 both work fine again. Other apps don't show this behaviour.

  • Had a new issue today. With turned on I am getting no service at all. Is it possible the service is getting overloaded? Seems to happen about this time of day often. If I turn it off everything works fine.

  • Same issue on Nexus 5X / Android N. Unable to update or install apps when Block-this is enabled. Stopping block-this immediately resolves issue.

  • I have a Nexus 6p on Android N Dev 4 and I cant download apps on the play store or download apps from apk mirror or from pushbullet. Block this is affecting google play store and the download manager. I was going crazy trying to fixthe issue and by chance i decided to turn off block this and it worked

  • It looks like this is happening only in Android N, the download manager and play store doesn't work when we have Blockthis enabled.

  • I'm finding issues with Play Store, Google Now, and Google+, where they say I have no internet connection. At the same time all other apps are fine. If I disable Block This! the Google apps immediately start working again.

    What is strange though is that if I leave Block This! on and try the Google app again later it will more than likely be working again, so the issue is obviously transient.

    This is not new - has been the case for weeks now.

    I'm on Android 6.01 on a Galaxy S7 Edge.

  • Can confirm this is still happening.

  • For me it started when I upgraded to cm14.1. Then Block this started to mess with play store. It seems like a conflict with Nougat.

  • Nexus 5X Android N confirmed same issue. Took me a while to figure it out

  • Admin

    Looks like an issue with Nougat's Always ON VPN... the two are conflicting with each other and Google made it so you can't use the Play Store w/o using Nougat's built in VPN..

  • I have never had this problem and I have used it for about 3 months now.

  • I first encountered this problem after my Nexus6 upgraded to Android 7.0 recently. Trial and error led me to turn off Block This app and I found that I could update my apps. A few days following this I had similar problems with my Droid Maxx Android 4.4.4 indicating no internet service and not communicating with the play store. So the problem isn't confined to Nougat operating system apparently.

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