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    Hi, I was wondering about your experience with publishing the app to playstore. We're you able to, or was it blocked straight out? The reason I ask, is because I think if you renamed it "anyname firewall" you might be able to publish it with several others already there. In my first post I mentioned two of them, but yours is closer to "Lost Net no-root firewall". I would be interested in what you think about it, and adding some or all of the features, like a Geo block list, and individual app controls. It also blocks ads and malware. But, there has been no update to it in over a year. IP lists are likely out of date. Hence your app does a far better job of blocking almost all ad channels on TuneIn app, which has just about every ad SDK.

    ALSO, I am interested in the backstory on how you came to build your apk. Because, it helps to know if you are wanting to pursue developments strictly as an ad blocker, or a firewall, or both. Do you intend to build for multiple platforms, and promoting the app to larger audience's. I will be better able to help with suggestions then.

    Lastly, how will we know about updates, do you email notices? Do you have a G+ page? I did not know about your response to my first post until today. Unless I did not enable notifications. I will check back in a day or two, but no hurry.

    Thanks for your attention,

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    @oneeye The app was on the play store twice and it got removed twice. The last time Google also threatened to ban all of my Google related accounts and to try and take back all the revenue the app made while it was on the Play Store (it used to be a freemium app at $2 a month for the pro version). So I just decided to make it entirely free and put it as an APK for everyone to download.

    The issue is I currently make no profit with the app and the donations are barely enough to cover the costs of the DNS infrastructure, so I end up having to work full time in a software company.. which leaves me almost no time for bug fixing / development of "Block This".

    My wish for this was to be able to host it on Google Play, Itunes, Windows store etc, but obviously I can't cope with the amount of support I need to provide to users as well as feature development, while on a 9 to 6 job. For now the app development is kind of on hold and I'm thinking about its future. Hopefully it spikes interest in some developers who want to join me on an open source project and work together to make it available for all platforms.

    Updates for the app you get from inside the app. It has a check every time you start it if there is a new version. You get a nice message with full change log and asking whether to install the update or not.

  • @ggsava Hi there, I'm new here but have been using your app for a long time now and its absolutely fantastic.

    @oneeye actually asked a similar question to the one I was going to ask, but in response to your reply for looking for a few developers to take up the slack, there is a browser addon for firefox & chrome and maybe others called Ublock Origin:

    Maybe it be worth contacting them to see if they would like to come in on your app, as it would make a awesome bridge gap for them to use on android plus other devices that tend not to allow mobile browsers to use extensions.

    Just an idea anyway,

    Thank you again

    Lesley xx

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