No Internet connection, Stop working

  • It's impossible use internet connection or data connection from today. System say 'No network'. When I stop Block-this all works fine. Thank you for your work and your wonderful app.

  • Yes, same here.

  • I have the same problem. Nothing works if block-this is on. Android 8.0 on Nexus 6p.

  • Same issue this morning. 2 phones with this installed and neither gets internet with Block This enabled

  • Same here
    Is the vpn server down?

  • Same here. So many ads!

  • Also experiencing this on a 1+3

  • Same here, no connection until I stop the app.

  • same here samsung a3 android 7.0
    no internet with block this on.

  • Yes. Same here. Help please.

  • I think there is something wrong with the black list. None of my Google apps work (including Chrome), but Facebook and others are still working with Block This on. Whitelisting apps helps, but not for Chrome.

    I had an update of a lot of Google apps last night, maybe it is related?

  • Samen here. Please help !

  • Same problem from this morning on my OnePlus 3.

  • I have the same problem from today with block-this on... when stopped it, all works fine!

  • Yes Me too.. I have this problem where there is no internet.. So i have stopped Blockthis and now it is working fine. Any problem with the DNS server?

  • Admin

    Unfortunately there is an outage at both of our data centers. It should be resolved shortly. ETA:1-2 hours.

    In the next update I will try and add more redundancy so that this never happens again.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your support!

  • @ggsava OK, thank you for the update 👌 And thank you for the work you are doing on this great app.

  • @ggsava
    Thanks for your reply!
    And thanks for work and your wonderful app, simple and useful!

  • @ggsava Thanks and great work. Much appreciated!

  • @ggsava Thanks so much for a) this app and b) your work to restore and improve the service.

    (I registered today, just so I could pass on my gratitude)

    Look forward to having the service back soon...

    PS: are you aware of the issues with Google Play Music and ad-blockers? Seems it constantly fires off HTTP requests in the background when an ab-blocker is in use and this hammers your battery. Just wondered if you had any thoughts, as I like GPM (aside from this "feature")...

  • Admin

    @pugrallye I wasn't particularly aware of this Google Play Music issue, but in general that is what Google likes to do. They do something similar with YouTube as well. Keep firing ad requests until they load (or in this case .. forever). Unfortunately nothing I can really do about it.

    If you wish you could just add Google Play music to Block This its white list, but then you will have to deal with the ads..

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