Mobdro error

  • Mobdro now showing Google games for ~30 secs before able to close window

  • @pepo2k
    Unfortunately, some apps like Mobdro, Terrarium TV, etc, have so many advertisers SDKs, that some get missed, because, to ad filter lists to cover everything under the sun, might cause other issues for other apps. But, app developer's like the ones above, can & do work around blockers.

  • it was working a few weeks ago fine for modro and terarrium

  • @pepo2k

    Have you tried clearing mobdro cache first, then activate block-this? If you started mobdro, and or it's running in the background, and for any reason, like block-this lost internet connection, or you turned it off, then back on, then mobdro May have ads in caches. Also, terrarium updated not long ago, so did mobdro update recently?

    If you want to be shocked, try this app out, and see just which apps have how many advertisers attached as SDK's.

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